Does ecoinsulation® glasswool use formaldehyde?

ecoinsulation® glasswool has no phenol or formaldehyde added during its production, thereby reducing factory emissions of phenol and formaldehyde, and in doing so helps reduce phenol or formaldehyde in the supply chain.

What is the fire performance of ecoinsulation® glasswool?

ecoinsulation® glasswool comes with inherent fire performance and will not catch fire, and comply with the requirements of the Australian Standard AS1530.1.

Are vermin/insects attracted to ecoinsulation® glasswool?

No, ecoinsulation® glasswool with ECOSE® Technology has been tested to show that it will not sustain vermin or insects.

What is the acoustic performance of ecoinsulation® glasswool?

ecoinsulation® glasswool acoustical properties reduce sound transmission in the home when properly installed in walls, ceiling and floor systems.

What is ecoinsulation® glasswool made from?

ecoinsulation® glasswool insulation is made using up to 80% recycled glass, and sand.


What Warranty does ecoinsulation® glasswool have?

ecoinsulation® glasswool offers a 50 year warranty on wall and ceiling products, and 15 years on underfloor products.
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